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1947 Flatbed Build

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1947 Flatbed Build

chevhead chevhead
New User | Posts: 3 | Joined: 10/11
Posted: 10/14/11
08:18 AM

Well, I posted something earlier and didn't get a response... Hopefully I will have better luck this time. I am thinking about building a 1947 Chevy pickup as a flatbed. I really think that a deep mahogany wood in the bed would really set it off if I did the body in black.

I'm thinking about buying the sheetmetal all brand new. I have done some shopping around. There is a company here in AZ called Premier Street Rods and they sell steel truck bodies. Anyone have any experience with them??  

autotec autotec
Enthusiast | Posts: 456 | Joined: 09/09
Posted: 10/17/11
10:41 PM

Havn't ordered anything but looks like a good start on a rod with very little body work and it's the bdoy and finish that drives up the price on any jobs i do the drive train is the cheap part,the wood deck would look good and save buying all the box parts!  

chevhead chevhead
New User | Posts: 3 | Joined: 10/11
Posted: 10/28/11
11:30 AM

That was kind of my thought. I looked around and it seems like most of the flatbed builds you see are done in the larger 2 ton sizes.  

olblue olblue
User | Posts: 157 | Joined: 12/08
Posted: 11/01/11
08:08 PM

very doable.. I've had the sides off of my bed from some time doing a lot of blocking, painting and rub out.  my thought is you would need to raise the bed cross members a couple inches to provide adequate tire clearance and build or use a trailer frame for the outside of the decking.   sounds like a cool project Cool  
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