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1952 chevy truck

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1952 chevy truck

david776 david776
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 08/12
Posted: 08/26/12
04:59 PM

Haveing trouble finding a frontend for my turck trying to find what frontend will interchange with it ,1952 3100 chevy truck  

Wildcat56 Wildcat56
New User | Posts: 7 | Joined: 08/12
Posted: 08/31/12
07:05 PM

A '76 through '78 AMC Pacer front suspension will fit your truck. it has disc brakes and rack and pinion steerig. Some Jaguar XJ6 front suspensions are supposed to work also. I have no personal experience with them. The frame on the AD pickups prior to 2nd series '55 were tapered in front suspension area. There are also numerous after market front clips for your truck. They are EX$pen$ive.  

olblue olblue
User | Posts: 157 | Joined: 12/08
Posted: 09/09/12
07:54 PM

What specifically are you trying to achieve with your front end swap? Confused

I've seen a lot of nice 3100's that have been cut up and drive more poorly than those with the original staight axle, dropped spindles, power disc brake kits and coil over shocks. I've also seen power steering added with out changing the collumn but have not attempted this myself.  
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