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Grandpa's 1948 GMC

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Grandpa's 1948 GMC

reddragon23 reddragon23
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 11/12
Posted: 11/14/12
11:11 AM

Hello everyone,

I need some advice, Granny fell broke her leg and the altimerzers has set in, she is living with us. We are going through her things, barn, etc. Have Grandpa’s truck, a 1948 GMC 1-1/2 ton with a FORD stake pocket flat bed 12' long x 87" wide on it. Hey I know, but Grandpa didn’t give a ^%$*, he piece milled him a work truck.  I need some advice on what the truck  is worth?  Has a cracked engine block or head, parked in the barn since 71-72, dent in right fender, 33,472 miles, surface rusty, but no rot.  Found manual, think it is a Model FC-303, with 161" wheelbase and 248 engine.