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New at this: Wiring Harness

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New at this: Wiring Harness

redtruck54 redtruck54
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 04/13
Posted: 04/01/13
09:22 AM

Just bought a 1947 chevy truck......all original.  Want to keep it as original as possible....but I am new at this (this is my first post).  Wiring obviously needs to be replaced.  Where is the best place to order a wiring harness.....and what all normally comes with a harness???  Thanks.  

waynep712222 waynep712222
User | Posts: 209 | Joined: 03/13
Posted: 04/01/13
10:50 PM

well.... what are you thinking about..

as the original wires were cotton woven jacketed..   there are places that still have those wires available.. and can also create the woven overwrap.. if thats how your truck came..

i looked around and saw... some replacement harnesses that looked very close to the original as in almost ready to plug in..   wired for generators also..

there are also UPDATE Wiring harnesses.. that bring the system up to mid 90s standards.. with marked wires as to what goes where..

nothing i saw.. was completely finished like they installed on the factory assembly line..

but this is not impossible for most to install..  just use care and proper tools to install them..

i did not go thru every parts catalog from every supplier.. i just took a quick look..