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Green 1951 Ford F1 East TN

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Green 1951 Ford F1 East TN

EastTN1951Fordf1 EastTN1951Fordf1
New User | Posts: 7 | Joined: 09/13
Posted: 09/16/13
06:31 PM


New to the Forum here. I have been looking for a long time for my old Green 1951 Ford F1 that I had from 1979 until around 1982. I was very young when my dad sold the truck and I would love to have it back no matter what shape it is in. At the time, we lived in Greeneville, TN (East TN) and the truck was a pretty good restoration by my father. It had an Oldsmobile 400 small block and the original 3-speed on the tree. The bed was sheet steel. It had big retangle tow mirrows on both doors and green bucket seats. The VIN Number is: F1R1CH18258. That is all I can remember. If anyone has any information about this truck I would pay almost whatever to get it back. I drove a million miles in it from age 9 until about 12 all while it mostly sat behind our garage. I have faith that the truck is still out there somewhere as it was too good to be a Rat Rod or a junker. It may have a different VIN# and title; but maybe some of you have a lead. You can email me at
Thank you.