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1957 Project or Parts Seattle area

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1957 Project or Parts Seattle area

fj40dave fj40dave
New User | Posts: 7 | Joined: 09/13
Posted: 09/22/13
08:32 PM

Posting for a friend. (this is why I have joined this forum....i don't actually own one of these cool trucks!)
This is a project that didn't come together after divorce got in the way.
Title has been misplaced/lost but a release of interest is available.
The truck comes with what is in the will not be parted out or items sold separately (like that really nice hood)! PERIOD.
It needs to be removed within two weeks. There is an option for relocation to a storage unit in very close proximity if timing is a problem for a distant interested party, but it will be at that individuals expense (I will assist in relocating the truck).
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fj40dave fj40dave
New User | Posts: 7 | Joined: 09/13
Posted: 09/22/13
08:39 PM

20130920 084539 Zps0f3876e8
20130920 084555 Zps2cdd91a8
20130920 084608 Zpsa5687a78
20130920 084617 Zpsee0714dc
20130920 084622 Zps544bfd19  

fj40dave fj40dave
New User | Posts: 7 | Joined: 09/13
Posted: 09/22/13
08:44 PM

20130920 084633 Zpsea1219af
20130920 084643 Zps3650c8d1
20130920 084705 Zpsb2d462ab
20130920 084734 Zpsb7645350
20130920 084742 Zps636055f9
20130920 084747 Zpsf889c906
20130920 084846 Zpsb11667ee
20130920 084855 Zps813ff2a3  

waynep712222 waynep712222
User | Posts: 209 | Joined: 03/13
Posted: 09/23/13
10:44 PM

and a MAJOR Warning to anybody thinking of buying this truck without a TITLE...

and perhaps in the middle of a nasty divorce..

somebody may have that title and may file it as a stolen car at sometime in the future when the assemblage of components is found to have been removed..

most states have a QUICK PINK available for lost titles...

i am NOT SAYING this will happen with this one...

its only a warning...

if this was posted on craigs.. it would be sold in a minute.. depending on the price..  title or not..  somebody is going to part this one out after they buy it..  

fj40dave fj40dave
New User | Posts: 7 | Joined: 09/13
Posted: 09/24/13
10:15 AM

Wayne is right on target with his warning.....I experienced something very similar to what he's talking about - it wasn't a divorce that caused me some grief with a recent old vehicle purchase, it was the premonition that the vehicle was given to some junk removers to be hauled away as scrap, and when I submitted to the last owner for the release of interest for a lost title, they got all mad at me because they felt duped.

This state has a 3 year temporary title which becomes a permanent title if no one contest's the temporary in that 3 year window. This would apply if the new owner couldn't reach the last owner identified on the title. The last legal owner has signed a release of interest, making this a simple lost title sale without ownership conflict.

I personally know the parties involved and know that there is a signed release of interest for this frame.
I also know that there is way too much work for me to try to restore this into a running vehicle. If I end up helping him out by taking possession, I intend to part it out on CL here in Seattle, and cut up the frame and take it to scrap metal.

That being would be better if this went to a '57 truck enthusiast and made good use of what's here.


fj40dave fj40dave
New User | Posts: 7 | Joined: 09/13
Posted: 09/26/13
04:22 PM

Looks like it's going to be hauled away for scrap in less than 10 day's.  

fj40dave fj40dave
New User | Posts: 7 | Joined: 09/13
Posted: 10/02/13
02:51 AM

All gone.....thanks for sharing some space on the forum.....and I'll keep drooling over these trucks when I see 'em built and restored.

Be safe out there,