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Engine options

95 taco 95 taco
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 06/14
Posted: 06/06/14
10:57 AM

I've got a 65 chevy c10 that my Dad gave me and it's gonna need a new drivetrain, the V8 that was in it is currently sitting in the bed of the truck because the guy my grandpa got it from several years ago screwed it up.
Since I'm replacing the drivetrain I figure I'll set it up how I want it, the problem is I know very little about these vintage trucks.

First I'd like to decided if I want to go inline 6 or v8, I really like the unique sound of the 6 but I imagine the V8 would have more tuning and mods available to it. If I wanted to go with a inline 6 what would be my best option?
What about my V8 options? I'd like to stay away from carburated engine, as I have a little experience with them and they can be a pain.
If I were to drop in a modern engine I'd probably go with a chevy vortec 5.3, and some type of manual trans behind that.

Which brings us to transmissions, I want a manual, my 1st truck was a manual and when I sold it for a 4x4 the only option was a auto trans. So my 2nd truck will be a manual. I'm not really a fan of the 3 on the tree though, I'd really like a 5 speed on the floor. But it sounds like a t56 would also work great.
Anyone have thoughts on that?

And the final question of my drivetrain questions (for now).
Could I put a transfer case, front driveshaft, and solid axle under the truck and not have it extremely tall? I really like the height it's at but in Ms you sometimes need 4x4 just to get across some grass, and I'd rather add it when we restore the truck rather than have to call a tow truck.


wayne712222 wayne712222
User | Posts: 180 | Joined: 10/13
Posted: 06/08/14
10:17 AM

wow... i don't have answers to all the questions you have ask.

going to a 4x4 from a 2 wheel drive.. hmm..

because of the electronics involved.. you might want to find a donor that comes with the motor and matching 4x4 transmission/transfer case..  and then be sure that there is support for it..  there have been issues that i don't know if you will run into this with the variable valve timing used on the 4th gen LS motors.

a few things...  if you go with a USED LS engine..  while you have it out..  and easy to work on..   replace the headgaskets and head bolts.. as headgasket failure happens sometimes and its a TON easier to replace the head gaskets out of the chassis.. and you will want to replace the exhaust manifold bolts into the head..

hint.. here is a really crazy idea.. take your LS motor.. pick up a 4 barrel intake and stand alone ignition system for it.. but instead of a carb.. use one of the 4 barrel self tuning throttle body fuel injection systems.   you do have to verify you don't get one with variable cam timing..   find a 6.0L instead of the 5.3.. or 4.8..

there are a bunch of articles in the many magazines here.

converting to a 4x4 without going tall.. hmm.. the 4x4 versions use a different front crossmember as i recall.. different steering box

perhaps the donor truck might have a complete and ready to use frame,suspension, transfercase.. drives shafts..  to drop your body over with some mods to the outriggers on the frame.. i have not read up any on doing this..  i have heard of it being done..   there are a dozen truck magazines.. or there were.. things are in flux right now..  the fourwheel section is available.. and might have articles on this..  

95 taco 95 taco
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 06/14
Posted: 06/08/14
02:22 PM

Thank you for the info.

The t56 never came in a 4x4 setup so I'd have to do a custom adapter and T-case setup (I'm talking to a guy in Tx who's doing a t-56 with a t-case in his tacoma).

Yeah, unless I win the lotto I'll be going used, thanks for the advise, I didn't know about the head gaskets and bolts.

And I'll check into the TBFI systems.

Yeah, I'm starting to think that 4x4 without height will be to much of a hassle, to keep a low height I'd probably have to go with IFS.

I'll check into the body swaps as well.  

wayne712222 wayne712222
User | Posts: 180 | Joined: 10/13
Posted: 06/08/14
08:46 PM

there are several fourwheel drive magazines on this site.. click my user name for links..  the archives are found via the search window.. you can get to that from above. but i don't have a clue of what i would search for yet..

its going to be cheeper to go to a matched engine manual transmission and transfer case.. or at least the first two.. as the transfer cases on the newer gm models might be the computer controlled versions..  they work great in the snow..  again.. more studying..

you will want to visit the advance adapters site..